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A New Jewel Glows in the Idyllic Aegean Islands

The striking white walls of Hotel Anemi offers a refuge of discreet style and luxury, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the tiny Greek island of Folegandros.


La Banane in a Coconut Grove, St Barths

Villa La Banane, Lorient, Saint Barthélemy, Caribbean

On the north coast of Saint Barthélemy, ensconced in a coconut grove and the sweeping curve of Lorient beach, is Villa La Banane. This small volcanic island ringed by shallow reefs and turquoise sea is home to many gorgeous villas; but none of them have a tale as fascinating as La Banane. The favoured hideaway of film and theatre luminaries during the mid-twentieth century, it has now been restored to its original glory by Parisian entrepreneur Jean-Marc Israel.


Pink Pomegranates & Emerald Green Shutters, Spain

Simple renovation of spanish townhouse

We loved the simplicity of this refurbishment of a townhouse in Majorca, Spain. by architects Alberto Sanchez SMS Architects. Green cactus and emerald shutters starkly contrast the light-washed sandstone facade of the house. The airy yet elegant minimal interiors that still posses that rustic Spanish nature. You can almost feel the warm Mediterranean sun hitting the stones of the house...


Those Crumbling Stone Walls, Portugal

Another clever renovation contrasting old and new in Portugal

This two storey light filled modern concrete holiday home exists within and between crumbling stone walls from an old ruined building.

    Marina Picolo Beach

The Beach Clubs of Capri, Italy

Beach Clubs in Capri

The beautiful island of Capri, located off the coast of Italy's Sorrentine Peninsula, is home to a number of seriously beautiful Beaches and Beach Clubs that could easily have been around in the sexy sixties. By Alisha Buaya


Casas Na Areia, Comporta, Portugal

Weekend house to small hotel - Casas na Areia, Portugal.

Architects Aires Mateus bring their lauded minimalist approach to the restoration of four vernacular thatched houses in the halcyon surrounds of the Sado River Nature Reserve, in Comporta, Portugal.


White-Washed Haven, Mykonos

San Giorgio Hotel, Mykonos

Ease in to this gypset hotel on the magical Island of Mykonos. We take a look around to discover that it's not all windmills and sunsets here, it's a pleasure seeker's paradise.