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Rediscovering the Corsican Coast

David Kent rediscovers the Corsican coast

Corsica has always held a little bit of mystery - nestled north of Sardinia, French with Italian influences. David Kent, who knows a thing or two about France being the President of Alliance Francaise in Sydney, takes us on a walking journey through the villages of Corsica - a great way to entrench yourself in a country's landscape, culture and people.


Milan is a Somewhat Strange City

Bulgari Hotel, Milano

Toby Blyth has an eye for all that is stylish and fashionable and a wonderful way with words when it comes to describing... well just about anything. This is a short excerpt he fired to us via his mobile phone when exploring Fashion's capital - Milan.


‘SoFo’ of Stockholm

Always wanted to go to Stockholm? .. take a wander through the streets of Sodermalm through the eyes of our lovely contributor, Isabella Melody Moore.


Season’s Readings

A curated guide to some of this year's most interesting books

Cater for everyone with books for cooks, modern thinkers and arm chair traveller this holiday season. From Mexican cooking and culture to Swedish simplicity, along with architectural insights from Rem Koolhaas and highlights from the art world - there is something for everyone.


The Christmas A-Shop is Back

Welcome to our Christmas A-Shop

It's that time of year again and we are selling a few of our favourite things. This year we have tried, tested and written about all the products featured... here are our favourites to help you with present picking and to add to the holiday festivities ...


Sri Lanka’s Buddhist Trail

Follow in the Buddhist Footsteps in Sri Lanka

For those that want to head off the main busy tourist paths of Sri Lanka - why not slow down and follow in the footsteps of our newest A Magazine contributor, Rakhee Ghelani, as she takes us on a journey along Sri Lanka’s Buddhist trail, that includes ancient ruins, temples of peace and tranquility and climbing a rock fortress.


Sheng Keyi’s “Death Fugue”, China

Sheng Keyi: Death and protests in China

Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore profiles Chinese writer Sheng Keyi and her latest novel, Death Fugue. Keyi witnessed the Tiananmen Square protests on television as a young 16 year old and twenty five years later has created an allegory for authoritarian modern-day China. The story is set in fictional Swan Valley, a seemingly utopian society inside a state-controlled world where freedom has been given up for material gain. This is Clarissa’s first contribution to A Magazine. She lived in China from 2009 to 2014 where she worked for The Economist, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and Time Out, among others. She now lives in Sydney and is also writing for The Saturday Paper.

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A Day in Palm Springs

Our top 10 picks - Palm Springs, USA

Evoking images of Slim Aarons’ famous 1970s series, Palm Springs is all about ultimate relaxation. Situated in the middle of the Coachella Valley, this small, but spread out, city boasts good weather the year ‘round. No wonder celebrities like Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack flocked here during the middle of last century.


24 Hours in Miami

Heading to Art Basel? Where to Stay, Eat and Shop in Miami

Art Basel, the annual art festival which takes place in Miami in the first week of December will soon be upon us, with many New Yorkers flocking south, away from the arctic temperatures already hitting the Big Apple.

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Chuck Close, Sydney

Chuck Close Prints: Process and Collaboration at MCA Sydney

One of America’s best-loved visual artists, Chuck Close, is known for his many familiar and iconic portraits of artists, musicians and celebrities, including Phillip Glass, Kate Moss, Lou Reed, Roy Lichtenstein and President Obama. Subjects have also been his family, friends, and most notably himself, whose faces he depicts in his distinct, meticulous and collaborative paintings and print works.


The Beevangelista strikes again

Interview with Doug Purdie, Sydney's Bee Keeper

In a high rise urban setting you don’t often expect to find bee hives. Check in with Doug Purdie, Sydney’s self proclaimed Beevangelista and you might just find out where he has stashed a few. Balconies, restaurant and hotel rooftops and kitchen gardens can offer bee sanctuaries in our urban sprawl.


Taking Back the Backyard

Urban Growers and the resurgence of kitchen gardens .

Urban Growers are Grant LaBrooy and Byron Smith. Two keen connectors and creators sharing their passion for permaculture backyard gardens with local communities in and around Sydney’s urban areas and suburbs.