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Casas Na Areia, Comporta, Portugal


Weekend house to small hotel - Casas na Areia, Portugal.

Architects Aires Mateus bring their lauded minimalist approach to the restoration of four vernacular thatched houses in the halcyon surrounds of the Sado River Nature Reserve, in Comporta, Portugal

Surf’s up in the Moroccan town of Essaouira


Laid back charm of Essaouria, Morocco

Rooksana Hossenally takes us on a quiet holiday to the rustic, laid back surfing town of Essaouria.... not far from the crazy heat and bustle of Marrakech is this quiet coastal spot

Fobe House, Morocco


On the road to Marrakech, Fobe House, Morocco

In the wake of the snowy Atlas Mountain, and 10 kilometres south of Marrakech, the seemingly endless desert is interrupted by an unexpected encounter - a collection of white cuboid volumes puncture the veil of heat. Strangely familiar and surprising, these volumes are in fact a house, the home of a Belgian filmmaker

Rebirth of 18th Century Church, Spain


The modern rebirth of St Francis Convent Church, Spain

Not far from hustle and bustle of Barcelona in the picturesque Catalonian countryside, an 18th century church in Santpedor has undergone an extraordinary restoration with a modern twist