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A Touch of SPRING in London’s Autumn

    Skye Gyngell

Spring Restaurant, London

Despite the name – conjuring images of soft pink blossoms and dewy green leaves under a warm sun – Spring opened it’s doors on a cold and rainy October day in the grand New Wing of Somerset House.

Smoking Soho, London


Casa Cigar Bar, Soho, London

Our intrepid traveller and harsh realist, Toby Blyth, gives us his take on the London of old and what is happening with the new - starting with his impressions of the old Soho and finding himself in very cool cigar bar.

Whare Kea Lodge, NZ

    Whare Kea

Whare Kea Lodge, New Zealand

Whare Kea means ‘house of the kea’ in Maori, the 'kea' being a rare green New Zealand parrot that lives in the mountains. And like the lodge the kea is both distinguished and discreet, sitting comfortably in its landscape.

Modernistic Biblioteca, Spain


The New Biblioteca, Spain

Sharing a border with north Morocco is Ceuta, Spain. Known for its beautiful churches and historical landmarks, the addition of the new library is not only a striking change to the cityscape but has been built around Arabic archeological ruins from the 14th century.