What to hear:

A conference will be held at MNHN on 10 December on the theme: “Can art embody science and contribute to action on climate?  featuring artist Janet Laurence with several major scientists speaking on the climate, oceans and environmental ethics

On 26-27 November Ernesto Neto they will participate to the “Indigenous & Climate” conference at the recently reopened Musée de l’Homme in Paris.

What to do:

Participate in Yann Toma’s Human Energy at the Eiffel Tower.  Human Energy is a gigantic human battery that will create a self-sufficient village with bikes, dance floors, showrooms and a unique environmental design. Human Energy will come alive through the participation of the many visitors expected each day. The energy created by participants and stored  will illuminate the Eiffel Tower. This will be the largest participatory art installation during Artists 4 Climate Change.  Launches on December 5 with the first lighting of the Eiffel Tower until 12 Dec (download the interactive app).

Note: There is no specific opening as dates vary from one venue to the other.

Toma Human Energy 2015

Art of Change 21

Art of Change 21
50, Rue Des Francs-Bourgeois
75003 PARIS

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The Future is here… you just haven’t seen it yet

A preview of the ' Embassies ' of Sydney's 2016 Biennale

The theme of the 20th Biennale of Sydney (opens March 18, 2016) is inspired by a quote from leading science fiction author William Gibson "The Future is Already Here — It’s Just Not Evenly Distributed "


Beauty In The Concrete Jungles Of Paris

Laurent Kronental - Souvenir d'un Futur

French photographer Laurent Kronental’s series Souvenir d’un Futur captures the colossal, decrepit, post-modern jumble of the Paris’ high-rise residential towers, or grands ensembles, and more importantly, the aging citizens who call it home. We were moved by the wild scale and ambition of these strange projects, their manifestation of time and neglect, but most of all, the humanity and resilience that Kronental depicts.


SawMill House, Yackandandah, Australia

Young Australian architects Archier Studio have worked with a regionally based sculptor Benjamin Gilbert to hand-craft a truly beautiful dwelling from 270 reclaimed one-tonne blocks of concrete. The award-winning design was designed and built together with the client, and serves as a precedent for positive reuse of the thousands of tonnes of concrete which goes to waste each year.


Tapas In London

The London Tapas scene

Tapas is in. And outside of Spain, there are few better places to go for truly great tapas than London.


Stunning Seville, Spain

A stroll around stately Seville for its history, culture and lifestyle

For a true taste of southern Spain nothing beats Seville, one of Europe’s most romantic cities. Seville is the capital of Andalucía and is Spain’s fourth largest city. But, despite a bustling population of nearly 700,000, it still feels steeped in its past.


Old Clare Hotel, Not So Old… Sydney

Old Clare Hotel, Chippendale, Sydney, Extern/Tonkin Zahailka Greer, 2015

A denizen of Chippendale’s Kensington Street since 1939, the heritage-listed Old Clare Hotel has been redeveloped by Singapore-based hotelier Loh Lik Peng, and given new life by Sydney-based architects Tonkin Zahailka Greer as a boutique hotel and home to three restaurants with serious gastronomic cred - Automata, Silvereye and the Kensington Street Social.


Janet Laurence – Deep Breathing

Artist Janet Laurence - Deep Breathing , Resuscitation for the Reef

Australian artist, Janet Laurence is creating an immersive space representing a resuscitation unit for the Great Barrier Reef as part of the Artists for Climate Change during the COP21 talks in Paris this November.


Szczecin Philharmonic Hall, Poland

The Great Symphonic Hall, Poland by Barozzi Veiga

This awe-inspiring, opulent building dictates the streets of Szczecin, in north-west Poland. The Great Symphonic Hall was designed by Barcelona-based architect, Barozzi Veiga and is built on the site of earlier auditorium that was destroyed during the Second World War.


House Karkiainen, Espoo, Finland

Sanaksenaho Architects

A small family house planned around a sheltered triangular courtyard makes the most of a tight, rocky hillside site in Espoo, Finland. A deceptively simple profile belies the spaces within - calm, peaceful, warm and filled with natural light which spills in through the many windows and skylights.


The Eyrie Without Doors, New Zealand

Eyrie, The Open Door Cabins, Kaiwaka, New Zealand

As New Zealand heads out of winter, one brave architect creates cabins with no doors - perfect for a long North-island summer at Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand.


Braamcamp Freire High School, Portugal

Clever rejuvenation of institutional school architecture in Lisbon, Portugal

In the heart of historical neighbourhood Pontinha, on the edge of metropolitan Lisbon, Portugal-based studio CVDB Arquitectos have revitalised a high school with bold Corbusier-inspired flair.


Copenhagen Arts

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Copenhagen is a truly exciting city for the art lover. Here we take a look at some of the biggest exhibitions on currently - at some of the most exciting contemporary art spaces in the world.