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Arles, Provence: Roman Ruins, Photography and Van Gogh

Arles City, France

A four-hour train journey southwest of Paris, through the glorious French countryside and all the way to idyllic Provence, the charming city of Arles nestles between two spectacular nature reserves.


A Road Trip Into The French Riviera Backcountry

The French Riviera Backcountry

Beyond the glitz of Cannes on the glamorous French Riviera, a short drive into the beautiful back country and you can lose yourself in the ancient villages, histories and landscapes that have inspired great artists such as Picasso and Chagall.


Hauser & Wirth, Bruton Somerset

Hauser & Wirth, Somerset

Driving around the green bucolic hills of Somerset you might not expect to come across a world class, contemporary art space, set in grade II listed farm buildings. But this is exactly what Hauser & Wirth have created and fabulous it is too.


A Country House Conversion, Berlin

Thomas Kröger Architects

There is nothing more wonderful than a building with history. Whether it has crumbling old walls or delicate decorative features - an old building tells a tale we all want to unravel. This impressive barn in a small village in the Uckermark, north of Berlin, has been converted into an eye-catching country house. Beautiful old bricks, large open arches, raw wooden beams and a fireplace that the A Magazine office wish we could sit around for hours…


Quilotoa Shalalá Viewpoint, Ecuador

Quilotoa Overlook, Zumbahua, Ecuador Benítez

High in the Andes, a public perch provides new views of Quilotoa, a mysterious, vividly turquoise lake formed by the collapse of a volcano.


Sleepless – The bed in history and contemporary art, Vienna

Belvedere Palace, Vienna, Austria

More than forty years ago, John Lennon and Yoko Ono got into bed to protest against the war. The world’s most popular artist couple of that time made their honeymoon public by stating: “Make love, not war!”. Simultaneously, the bed turned into a political instrument of visual art.


Highly Evolved Adventure In The Galápagos Islands


Son Brull Hotel & Spa, Mallorca Spain

Restored 18th Century Monastery Opens As Hotel

If you are planning a northern hemisphere summer holiday and want to get away from the heat and bustle of Spanish cities, take a look at this painstakingly restored 18th century monastery in Mallorca, Spain.

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London Awash With Blooms

Spring Blooms to Warm Your Heart

Although London winters are renowned for being long, dark and bone-chillingly cold – spring arrives, as often, seemingly overnight, in a flourish of blooms and gentle warm sun, and much welcomed it is too – especially for this sun-deprived Sydney-sider.