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India Art Fair, 2015

Indian Art Fair 2015

The end of January sees the opening of the Indian Art Fair 2015 in Dehli. Established in 2008, the Art Fair is now gaining momentum in size and importance as the world looks to both China and India for their vibrant and exciting art. Rakhee Ghelani takes a look at what to expect at the Art Fair and also talks with two local artists.

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Stern Caffè, Paris

Read about the Stern Caffè: the pocket of quintessential Parisian charm made in Italy...


Secret Gardens of Paris

Escape in Paris

Our Paris insider seeks out green and tranquil spots in some of the lesser known areas of the city of Paris, far from the madding crowd. By Rooksana Hossenally. Photography by Isabella Melody Moore.


Sleep in a Palace: India.

A guide to some of the top palaces to stay in India .

Make like a maharaja or maharani by staying at one of the royal abodes, summer palaces or grand forts of past and present Indian royalty. Whether you spend your long days gazing through a marble arch at the exotic outside world, lying upon a four-poster bed, relaxing on a chaise longue atop a leopard-skin rug, indulging in ayurveda or sipping high-tea; consider your fairytale dreams a reality. These are the most opulent stays on the planet. You’re welcome. By Natasha Gammell.


Samode Palace, Rajasthan, India

Live like a King just out of Jaipur

If you're planning to explore the towering forts and bustling bazaars of Jaipur, the rugged pink city seeded with old-world charm, this converted hotel in the Samode Palace is a most wonderful respite, 40km from all urban chaos. By Natasha Gammell.


New Delhi Shopping, India

After many a trip back to New Delhi, Emilie Sullivan gives us her favourite places to shop in a detailed shopping guide.


Mumbai Till You Die

Your definitive guide to where to eat shop and visit in Mumbai.

South Asia's buzzing alpha Mamma never gets boring and she never, ever sleeps. Natasha Gammell lived there for five years and can navigate the city with her eyes closed so she is here to show you around. Just be prepared to stay awake.