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The Future of Living High in the Scottish Highlands

February 27, 2014

Set against the Scottish Highland landscape is this imagined house in the sky. Forecasting sustainable living, it is sits on stilts and is on an angle.

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Hippy Chic, Byron Bay

February 28, 2014

Atlantic, Byron Bay

With a seriously good insurgence of new eating options in Byron Bay, there's even more reason to strap up the boards and check in to Atlantic; your sleek ticket to downtime.

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Wellness with a Difference, Bali

February 28, 2014

Alila Villas Soori, Bali

Travelling to an exotic destination for just a few days always sounds better than the reality of jet lag, airport trials - Rachael Oakes-Ash jets off to Bali for a three day wellness experience that avoids all the pitfalls of long weekend travel, whilst giving you a shot of indulgent healthy living Balinese style. Sometimes there is just a time and place for helicopters and avoiding queues - this is one of them...

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Hemingway’s Paris

February 18, 2014

Rooksana Hossenally takes us on a trip down Hemingway's Paris lane to longingly discover where the literary master stayed, drank, sat, mingled and - most importantly - wrote 100 years on.

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Doing Le Marché Like A Parisian

February 11, 2014

Your local's guide to the markets of Paris

One of the most indelible images of Paris, apart from the Eiffel Tower, is that of a bustling street market filled with fresh produce and rustic wares. Such a place can be overwhelming to the recent arrival, so let A Magazine be your guide to navigating some of our favourites. By Rooksana Hossenally.

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