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The Long Long Road From Sydney To Perth

May 14, 2015

Sydney to Perth, Photo Essay

From the deserts of the Sahara to the huge expanse that is the Australian Outback, Ryan Stuart's photographs capture the raw wildness and often bleak expanses of Australia and the very, very long road from Sydney to Perth and everything in between.

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Sydney Is All About The Art

April 21, 2015

Sydney Art Gallery Round-up

The next six months of the Sydney art scene are going to be huge - with Sydney Contemporary Air Fair, Vivid Sydney Festival and a Marina Abramović residency just around the corner. Here's a look at what's on right now, and what's coming up.

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An-Li: A Chinese Ghost Tale

loralee_newzitt_Stomp and Pout Yoke and Tongue copy
April 21, 2015

Kate Beynon Exhibition, Tarrawarra Museum of Art, 28 March - 8 June 2015

In a seriously beautiful new exhibition at Tarrawarra Museum of Art, artist Kate Benyon reinterprets an ancient Chinese legend of star-crossed lovers, for a contemporary, precarious world.

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Sleeping With… Cuba

March 31, 2015

Havana Photo Gallery - Foto F.A.C.

Cuba has to be one of the hottest destinations right now and Julia Champtaloup - just off the plane - gives us the lowdown on this photography exhibition at the new Foto F.A.C - images of what will soon become the Cuba of 'old'.

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Art in São Paulo, Brazil

February 11, 2015

São Paulo's 31st Biennale and more

The São Paulo Biennale always generates much excitement, critique and sometimes outright vitriol, and this 31st edition was no exception.

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Image Making In A New Era – Pier 24 Photography

February 11, 2015

Photography at Pier 24 - San Francisco.

Julia Champtaloup visits 'Secondhand' - a photography exhibition at San Francisco's Pier 24, known to be the largest private gallery space devoted to photography in the U.S.

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Christopher Hodges on Chuck Close

2014-11-17 17.09.32
November 27, 2014

Interview with Christopher Hodges with the Director of Utopia Art Sydney

Following on the highly successful opening of the MCA's Chuck Close exhibition, Julia Champtaloup talks with Christopher Hodges, Director of Utopia Art Sydney who shares insights into the man himself.

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Picasso Reawakens, Paris

Two Women Running on the Beach, Dinard, 1922
October 30, 2014

Picasso Musuem, Paris

The Picasso Museum was always a favourite haunt - small, quirky, personal and full of Picasso's brilliance. After several years of renovation this renaissance of a Paris landmark has finally awoken again.

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Who is Pearl Lam?

August 12, 2014

Interview with gallerist Pearl Lam

Julia Champtaloup interviews Ms Lam, founder of Pearl Lam Galleries, who is at the forefront of reimagining China's cultural place in the world, having established one of Asia’s most culturally ambitious contemporary art galleries with bases in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Lam is also known for her work as an active arts patron, collector and curator, as well as for founding the China Art Foundation in 2008.

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Love and War: Adi Nes

June 11, 2014

Essay on Adi Ness, Israel

A Magazine's Toby Blyth explores the socio-political questions raised in the brave photo-journalism of Israeli artist, Adi Nes.

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Characters of Coney Island, NYC

June 10, 2014

Coney Island Photo Essay, by Alina Gozin'a

A technicolour reality is manifested in Alina Gozin'a documentation of the vibrant folk that walk the streets of New York's home of faded amusement parks.

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The Divine of Bill Viola at Grand Palais, Paris

June 10, 2014

Bill Viola Exhibition, Grand Palais

For the first time, the Grand Palais presents one of the largest ever retrospectives of American video artist Bill Viola's work.

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