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Hungry Monday’s

November 16, 2012

Slow cooked food quickly

'A Magazine' interviews Omar Andrade, one of the chefs and entrepreneurs behind the ingenious Hungry Mondays. Slow cooked great quality food by well known Sydney chefs for only $9 a portion. This one-of-a-kind concept has taken off. Delicious food, slow cooked, home-cooked food for busy people.


Pick up slow cooked delicious food by Hungry Mondays’ chefs for only $9 a portion.

Why and how did Hungry Mondays start? 

Hungry Mondays started as a way of trying to solve an issue I had with my restaurant. I was frustrated that the business only made money while it was open. I had all the equipment sitting there overnight whilst the restaurant was closed. So I started slow cooking overnight and selling the food the next day to busy people.

Who is behind it?

There are four partners involved -myself and my wife Dianna, and Benjamin Sampson and Chris Berents. This is now our fourth business. Before Hungry Mondays we owned El Capo in Surry Hills which was inspired by the ‘narco’ trade of Latin America. Our tag line was – ‘good food for bad people’. Our experience in the food trade started with our ‘illegal’ restaurant, Transient Diner, an underground dining concept at pop up venues giving apprentice chefs the oppportunity to run a virtual restauarant for an evening. Ben and Chris are best mates and are award-winning advertising guys who became frustrated that some of their best ideas were never made, just because no one had the bravery to bring them to life. They have helped bring our idea to life and Hungry Mondays is very much a collaboration between all four of us.


Hungry Monday owner, Omar and chef, Hendrik Vogelzang.


Chef Hendrick preps for a 14 to 16 hour beef stroganoff with home-made crème fraiche and cucumber relish and a 10 hour house smoked chicken with succotash (corn hash) salad.


The chefs tools for making the slow cooked lamb with red wine jus and sweet potato mash and the slow cooked Moroccan chicken tagine with almond couscous. They’ll stir it, chop it, spread it, spoon it and whatever-else-it, until it’s finally ready for you on Monday.

The concept of Hungry Mondays a first in Sydney? 

I believe so; I haven’t heard of it being done anywhere in the world really. We sell mostly to busy people who enjoy cooking but barely have the time to cook for themselves, family or friends.

What is the inspiration behind the food and your philosophy?

We have two chefs, myself and a chef who followed us from El Capo, Hendrik Vogelzang. Recipes are inspired by country style family food, and whatever is fresh and abundant at the markets. We go two to three times a week. We primarily focus on cooking slow cooked meals – generally because I think they are tastier. But I also love the generosity and home made feel a slow cooked meal gives. It feels like someone has looked after you.


11 hour smoked pork and black bean stew.


Left: After chefs hand make the food they hand write the labels. Right: 16 hour Jamaican jerk chicken with coconut rice and peas and 10 hour vegetarian sweet potato and silver beet curry.

Who are your current and upcoming chefs to look out for?

Some chefs from other restaurants have joined us, an ex-Billy Kwong chef and a Jamaican chef. I’d like to involve more chefs and I do have a few chaps lined up. They all come from good pedigree and will volunteer their favourite slow cooked recipes, which we are very fortunate to be able to share.

How do we get our hands on Hungry Mondays fare? 

For the most part you can just go to one of the pick up locations and buy a meal for $9. Check out for location addresses. However if you have an order of over 10, we will deliver it to your office.


Madame Chetty’s ratatouille with braised beans


17 hour pulled pork with cabbage and mini tortillas and 14 hour Spanish chicken casserole with couscous.


The Hungry Monday pick up spot usually found at El Capo, Waterloo St, Surry Hills or in other restaurants near by. A Magazine’s creative director Rebecca tried the slow cooked duck ragu with polenta – seriously delicious food.

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Collection spots

Pick Up Spots:
Monday’s (& Tue/Wed if portions remain)
The Hollywood, Surry Hills (Cnr Foster & Hunt) 4-8pm
Cleveland’s, Redfern (Next To The Norfolk) 4-8pm
Knights, Ultimo (Central Station Tunnell) 3-5:30pm

We Deliver to home and office fridges Mon-Tue (Min 10 portions) 0434 081 136,

Ready to eat – 3 mins m/w (in or out of bag), 6 min pot.
Meals Last 10 days in refrigerator/longer in freezer

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