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Artists 4 Climate Change offer messages of hope to Paris

November 30, 2015

Artists 4 Climate Change in Paris

Paris has seen the worst tragedy in its recent history, with scores of young people killed and others injured. Through the laying of flowers and candle light tributes many have paid their respects and expressed their hopes for peace, not only in Paris, but everywhere. It is poignant therefore that Paris is currently hosting Climate Change talks and that these artists are getting behind the cause .

By Julia Champtaloup

This week Paris is hosting the Climate Change talks (COP21) and artists involved in the major initiative Artists 4 Climate Change will be offering the public messages on hope for humanity and our planet.

Artists 4 Climate Change came about over 2 years ago in a brain storming session between Didier Saulnier and the World Wildlife Fund France. They began with the question: How can visual artists contribute to COP21 in a compelling way? Didier Saulnier, now the organiser of the initiative, says “We started to think about a dream list of visuals artists for this initiative, more humanist than just green. But we were still looking for a meaningful way to go beyond mobilization.”

The UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres joined and endorsed the initiative, along with the French Ministry of Culture and the City of Paris. Artists 4 Paris Climate 2015 was then launched with the main aim of initiating artist projects and messages during COP21 in Paris that embody some of the key issues concerning climate change.

The initiative is also setting out to support NGO’s working on adaptation to climate change and the combat against desertification in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America through donations from a charity sale of works donated by the artists. The charity auction will take place on December 9 at Christie’s in Paris. For instance, artists Edward Burtynsky and Vera Lutter have donated wonderful works ‘Water’ and ‘Rheinbraun’ to support the auction.

What to see:

Olafur Eliason’s Ice Watch will be situated in the Place de la République from 29 Nov. to Dec. 11. Ice Watch will showcase 80 tonnes of ice from a fjord outside Nuuk, Greenland with the aim of inspiring public action against climate change.

Eliasson Ice Watch Harvestin Greenland 2015


Gideon Mendel’s Drowning World outdoor exhibition will consist of 20 billboards, from November 23 to 29 November, including an action during the Climate March on 29 November. On the eve of the opening of COP21, 20 billboards, mainly in Paris “Golden Triangle”, will show 20 of the most significant photos from his series of photographs Drowning World.

Mendel Drowning World Germany 2013


Mendel Drowning World Bangladesh 2015


Pavel Pepperstein’s Cloud Planes / Flying Shells is a science fiction novel that travellers can download and read, dreaming about futuristic ways of transportation, after having discovered a surprising sculpture at Charles de Gaulle airport, turning the dream into “almost” reality.

Ppepperstein Cloud Planes 2066 2014


Janet Laurence’s Deep Breathing /Resuscitation for the Reef at MNHN (Museum National D’Histoire Naturelle) has already opened and will run until 14 December.

Saraceno Aerocene Digital Collage 2015


Saraceno Aerocene Digital Collage 2015


Tomas Saraceno’s dream of Aerocene at Grand Palais from 4 to 10 December and will present the longest zero CO2 thermodynamic flight around the world.

Saraceno Aerocene Digital Collage 2015


Yin Xiuzhen’s Sky Puzzle is an installation of suitcases covered with used clothes modelling the “People’s Parliaments” of 20 Capital Cities, suspended from the ceiling at Charles de Gaulle airport.

Xiuzhen Sky Puzzle Cambodia


What to hear:
A conference will be held at MNHN on 10 December on the theme: “Can art embody science and contribute to action on climate? Featuring artist Janet Laurence with several major scientists speaking on the climate, oceans and environmental ethics. On 26-27 November Ernesto Neto they will participate to the “Indigenous & Climate” conference at the recently reopened Musée de l’Homme in Paris.

What to do:
Participate in Yann Toma’s Human Energy at the Eiffel Tower.  Human Energy is a gigantic human battery that will create a self-sufficient village with bikes, dance floors, showrooms and a unique environmental design. Human Energy will come alive through the participation of the many visitors expected each day. The energy created by participants and stored  will illuminate the Eiffel Tower. This will be the largest participatory art installation during Artists 4 Climate Change.  Launches on December 5 with the first lighting of the Eiffel Tower until 12 Dec (download the interactive app). Note: There is no specific opening as dates vary from one venue to the other.

Toma Human Energy 2015

Art of Change 21

Art of Change 21
50, Rue Des Francs-Bourgeois
75003 PARIS

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