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Sitcom Studies by Amber Boardman, 2016

January 21, 2016

Art Pow Wow is pleased to announce its inaugural solo exhibition of new paintings by Sydney-based American artist Amber Boardman. Sitcom Studies will open on January 22 and run through January 31 at Ivy Brown Gallery. We are thrilled to present Boardman’s paintings as our first exhibition of a solo artist ‘in-the-flesh. The artist will present a body of new paintings in Sitcom Studies, and will attend the opening reception.

In Conspicuous Relaxing (2015) and Uneven Tanning Bed (2015), women’s bodies are stretched out and opened up – exhibited, transgressed and misshapen. Intimacy is made public domain. Shining a bright light on accepted First World norms, like leisure time as creative self-expression, or body image as a true reflection of the self, Boardman plays with the humor and pathos of self-consciousness and social status. Makeup Bus Commute (2015) was inspired by one of Boardman’s bus rides during Sydney rush hour: the artist observed a young woman, “applying her entire makeup routine from foundation to mascara,” during the commute. “I feel it’s important to document these odd, partly grotesque, partly endearing aspects of everyday life – they shouldn’t be lost.”     

 For Sitcom Studies, Boardman continues to build a cast of characters inhabiting a world unto themselves. Her proto-persons play at various roles and attempt to follow the rules, however, in the end, their super wackiness allows them only a small degree of free will, leaving them consigned to destiny’s whims.

Art Pow Wow

JANUARY 22 – JANUARY 31, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, January 22nd, 6-8:00pm